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Proxi application


Product description

Your personal remote control in your phone.

The Proxi App automatically finds the smart devices around you. You can configure your devices as you want, and control them remotely.

Control from the Proxi App

The Proxi App is more than just a universal remote control in your smartphone. Apart from remote control of many smart devices, it has other functions that ensure your safety and comfort.

Feel the closeness of technology. Play with your devices. Control your environment.

Intuitive use

Simple configuration and intuitive use

Fast reaction

Quick reaction of devices

Encrypted network

Secure connection and an independent, encrypted network

No server

No need for a server

Private mode

Public and private modes

Access by many users

Allows simultaneous access by many users

Update from your phone

Update the device software direct from your phone.


Check the state of your device.


  • Go to Google Play or the App Store
  • Find the Proxi App
  • Install
  • Play

What is Proxi?

Proxi is a modular Plug&Play system that allows you to control the devices in your home: lights, blinds, shades, shutters, gates and garage doors. The system uses an intuitive mobile app and doesn’t require any additional servers.

* Remote control
Control of a wide range of devices without the intermediation of central, controllers, WiFi routers.
* Wireless communication
Bi-directional transmission of commands, acknowledgments and other information between the phone and the device.
* Installation simplicity
Easy connection in existing installations.
* Ease of use
No programming, easy to use application with a friendly interface.
* Security
Encrypted transmission and the ability to manage access rights to devices.
* Notification support
Presentation of the operating status of devices, activities, alerts and diagnostic information.
* Access management
Configure devices in public and private mode, share devices, privacy protection.
* Personalization of settings
Edition of devices and rooms, individual graphic layout.
* The universality of control devices
Phones and tablets with iOS7 and Android 4.3+, equipped with Bluetooth SMART Low Energy.

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