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Stair lighting - LED stair lighting

Lighting of stairs, corridors, and passageways is not only functional solutions, ensuring the safety of passing household members or office workers. Stair lamps are now designer staircase fixtures, which, when properly selected, will emphasize the character of any interior. In addition, if we decide on LED luminaires, we also get the effect of saving electricity.

Why staircase lighting and not traditional "upper" lighting?

First of all, staircase luminaires provide spot lighting, with a different range, but directed at the height of the ground, illuminating individual steps. The power of the bulb does not have to be high, and the cost of lighting will be even lower when using LED luminaires. In addition, the staircase lighting is discreet, it allows you not to wake up the household by turning on the main light, when we use the stairs at night or when we walk along the corridor. The possibility of integrating the stair lamp into the wall structure is also of great importance, when, for example, applying structural plaster or designing various types of recesses, thanks to a properly selected staircase, an additional visual effect is obtained.

F&F stair lighting offer

We offer four stylistic lines: LINA, MAYA, INGA, VIKA. Within each of them, there are several color variants, but they share one thing - we use basic, subdued colors, such as black, gray, white. The style of all lines is classically simple, but allows you to get interesting lighting effects.

Stair lighting in the F&F offer is LED lighting. We can choose cold or warm LED light.

If we combine the staircase luminaires from our offer with the staircase and cascade controller F&F AS-225, we will get the cascade lighting effect - the steps will be illuminated one by one. The speed of the cascade and the lighting time of the luminaires can be adjusted by ourselves. The way of starting the cascade lighting depends on our preferences - we can use a motion sensor (e.g. laser DRL-12) or simply start the light with a button - e.g. made of polished glass with a GS-2 or GS-4 touch button.
F&F staircase luminaires have one more important feature for the user - they are dimmable light sources, so you can adjust its brightness yourself.


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