Voltage indicators 

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The category Multimeters includes single or multi-functional indicators designed for continuous measurement of the parameters of the electric network. They are available for mounting both outside the electric panel and inside the switchboard on a DIN rail. Functionally, our offer includes:

1) Single and three-phase indicators showing the voltage value in bar form or directly on digital LED displays

2) Single and three-phase current indicators equipped with digital LED displays, allowing both direct and semi-indirect current measurement.

3) Multifunctional indicators with LED displays enabling simultaneous reading of many measured parameters (voltage, current, frequency).

4) Network parameter analyzers enabling comprehensive measurement of all important parameters of the electric network: voltage, current, power, flow direction and energy consumption, analysis of voltage and current harmonics and many others.

It is worth emphasizing that the use of indicators with LED displays or backlit LCD displays ensures perfect readability of measurements regardless of lighting conditions. Most of the indicators enable the measurement of the real effective value of voltages and currents, thanks to which the correctness of readings is ensured also in the event of disturbances present in the supply network. For solutions requiring precise monitoring and recording of measured values, analyzers equipped with an RS485 communication module (Modbus RTU) can be used.


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