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The electricity consumption meters in our offer are a variety of solutions

All electricity meters produced by F&F are electronic meters. They differ only in the way of indicating the counted value:

    • mechanical (drum indicator),
    • on the LCD display, where they show not only data on the energy consumed, but also other parameters of the power supply network (selected models).



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    Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items
    Showing 1 - 12 of 39 items

    What electricity meters can you find in the F&F product catalog?

    The choice is large, below we present numerous functions of electricity consumption meters from our offer. You're sure to find the device you're looking for:

    • Electricity meters single-phase and three-phase;
    • Electricity meters unidirectional and bidirectional;
    • Energy meters for direct measurement (up to 100A) and indirect - up to 400A (work with current transformers, including TI, TO and TP series by F&F) ;
    • Devices without neutral. Used to indicate the active energy consumed in three-phase alternating current in the Aron measuring system (Le 05d);
    • Devices enabling metering and billing in single-tariff and dual-tariff systems;
    • Electricity meters with remote reading - data transmission. They enable remote reading of network parameters and meter readings;
    • Electricity meters with network parameters analysis;
    • Energy consumption meters indicating network parameters, including voltage, currents, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency. Some meters provide the ability to calculate power demand for individual tariffs;
    • 2 electricity consumption tariff meters with a built-in real-time clock with battery backup or cooperating with an external control clock;
    • Some electricity meters allow use of different time schedules dividing the day into tariff zones. This allows for billing energy consumption according to different tariffs within a day, working days and weekends, and even a year;
    • Electricity meters with the possibility of remote reading and configuration. Most of the devices available in our offer are equipped with:
      • RS-485 communication interface with Modbus RTU protocol, which allows for remote reading and remote configuration of the device
      • optical port compliant with EN 622056 (IEC1107).

    Convenient operation of F&F electricity consumption meters

    The ability to remotely read and configure devices is provided by the easy-to-use MeternetPro application. We also provide a free LE Config service program. It allows for a test reading of the calculated energy value and making basic settings of the meter parameters;

      • Electricity meters are equipped with two types of displays. The backlit LCD display makes it easier to read the data. The second type is a mechanical drum counter. In the case of 2-tariff meters, the value of consumed energy is indicated by separate displays. Meter readings, depending on the device model, allow you to determine consumption with an accuracy of 10 or 100Wh;
      • Electricity meters with prepaid function;
      • devices with overcurrent protection;

    All electricity meters manufactured by F&F have a protection that allows sealing of input and output terminal covers. This prevents the counter from being bypassed.