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Signal transducers / expansion modules

A measuring transducer is a type of measuring device that processes measuring signals according to a certain dependence and within a certain accuracy.
Depending on the type of the measured input signal and the processed output signal, the following types of measuring transducers are distinguished:
A / A analog-to-analog converter - also called an analog converter;
A / C or A / D analog-to-digital converter; designed to convert an analog signal into a digital signal;
Digital-to-analog converter (D / A or D / A, opposite to the A / C measuring converter
A digital-to-digital converter, commonly known as a digital converter
A measuring transducer whose input signal is the measured quantity is called a sensor, a sensor or also an input measuring transducer.
Analogue measuring converters include: scale or value converters in which the input and output signals are of the same type and with the same time course (distribution) (e.g. voltage or electric current intensity as in a voltage divider, amplifier, measuring transformer;) ;

We recommend in mind:
current converters - analog and digital
voltage converters - analog and digital
temperature transducers - which convert the signal from Pt100, Pt1000 or thermocouple sensors into an analog signal (4-20mA, 0-10V) or digital Modbus-RTU (RS485 interface)
humidity converter
analog input expansion module
digital input expansion module etc.


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