Temperature transducer with voltage output AT-1U-DS

Temperature transducer with voltage output AT-1U-DS

MAX-AT-1U-DS, 5902431673226

Product description

The AT-1U-DS temperature transducer has been designed for temperature measurement using the DS1820 series digital temperature sensor and converting measurement result into an analog voltage signal in the range of 1÷10 V.


  • Continuous measurement of ambient temperature using digital temperature sensors DS1820, DS18S20 and DS18B20 (sensor to be purchased separately);
  • Compatible with the RT4 temperature sensors (temperature range -30÷65°C) manufactured by F&F;
  • Adjustable measuring range;
  • Optical indication of the operation of the transducer and the state of the connected sensor.

Output voltage1÷10 V
Power supply voltage12÷30 V DC
Measurement range-50÷125°C
Temperature probeDS1820, DS18S20, DS18B20
Maksymalna obciążalność wyjścia napięciowego4 mA
Dokładność czujnika temperatury (typowo)temperatura -55÷-10°C 2°C; temperatura -10÷85°C 0,5°C; temperatura 85÷125°C 2°C
Processing error1%
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumption0,3 W
Working temperature-25÷55°C
Dimensions1 module (18 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20