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Infrared and microwave motion and dusk sensors

Among our products, designed with the comfort and safety of everyday life in mind, there are MOTION SENSORS.

Every day we are used to the results of their operation to such an extent that we do not notice them. They turn on the light where we need it most - they allow you to conveniently open the door after dark, walk through the corridor, press the appropriate intercom button. By turning on light where necessary, motion sensors give us a sense of security. And because the light is turned on only for a certain period of time, which is caused only by our movement or presence, installing motion detectors also has an economic dimension - it allows you to reduce electricity bills.

How do motion sensors work?

Taking into account the principles of operation of motion sensors, we can choose an infrared motion sensor (e.g. a passive motion sensor, a PIR motion sensor), a microwave motion sensor (e.g. an active motion sensor), or a ToF laser distance sensor.

The motion detectors can be installed in a flush-mounted and surface-mounted box. We also offer ceiling sensors. We also offer plafonds with a motion sensor with a glass or HDPE lampshade.

Motion sensors will make everyday life easier for us both indoors and outdoors. In the latter case, however, attention should be paid to the two-digit IP code, denoting the degree of protection provided by the housing against access to hazardous parts, penetration of foreign objects of various sizes and water from the outside.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of MOTION SENSORS.
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