Glass buttons 

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Glass touch switch with double panel

Glass touch buttons

Our offer includes modern glass panels - touch buttons with proximity function.
Due to the growing interest in this line of products, we are constantly enriching it with new items. We offer touch devices with the following parameters:

  • Glass four-button touch switch GS-4-AC-T
    For direct control of 230 V AC low-power lighting circuits or for integration with home automation systems;
  • Glass two-button touch switch GS2-AC-R
    For direct control of two circuits of low and medium power or for integration with home automation systems;
  • GS4 DC four-button glass pushbutton
    Works with any home automation powered by low DC voltage;
  • GS2 DC two-button glass touch button
    For home automation powered by low DC voltage.
  • The two-button GS2-STR3 integrated with the roller shutter controller 230 V
    We connect the roller shutter or blind to the controller and control it locally with the buttons on the panel. It is possible to combine GS2-STR3 controllers into groups and central roller shutter control. It is also possible to control the inclination of the slats.

The GS2-STR3 roller shutter controller can be used as a stand-alone device or as one of the executive modules in double and triple panels. In such cases, we freely combine it with other modules designed to control lighting, home automation or remote control modules.
Our F&Home Radio smart home system can also be operated using a glass button with a touch function (rH S4L4). On the other hand, the F&Wave simple radio control devices include the FW-GS-230 V and FW-GS-24V touch panels.

Glass touch buttons - replace traditional wall switches.


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Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items

Glass touch buttons
modern design and full integration with F&F home automation

  • Replace traditional wall switches.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Touch and zoom control.
  • Easy to assign functions.
  • Made of high quality polished glass.

Glass touch switch

A choice of black or white polished glass

DOMINO buttons are made of high-quality polished glass. Beveled edges give them a noble appearance.
Classic colors - black and white make DOMINO buttons perfectly match both modern
and classic interiors, giving them character in a discreet way.

Proximity sensors

The buttons are equipped with proximity sensors.
When you bring your hand closer, the touch fields light up slightly .
Touch control becomes very simple and intuitive.

Przyciski szklane zbliżeniowe i dotykowe

Create your dominoes

Choose and compose any button configuration. You can choose between horizontal and vertical versions, we will adjust the print on glass elements to your preferences and needs.
Our button is:

  • 1-, 2-, 3-module glass panels
  • 2 or 4 buttons in a single module
  • free choice of implemented functions (free choice of electronics)

Operating mode of monostable or bistable relay

  • Each of the touch buttons on the panel can work independently of the others in bistable or monostable relay mode. It depends on what mode we set.
  • Setting the operating mode of the bistable relay causes thatone press turns on the output circuit, the second press turns it off;
  • The monostable relay mode means that the output circuit will be on as long as the button is pressed.
  • As a result, with one panel, you can control any four home automation devices in a way tailored to your needs. Each of the touch buttons, independently of the other three, can have two types of control output signal (voltage output or potential-free output).

Installation of glass touch buttons

Glass tactile buttons are mounted in a traditional way in installation boxes with a diameter of 60 mm. The plastic mounting frame is located on the inside of the device.

Modern design of touch buttons

Proximity glass touch buttons are a minimalist design so sought after in modern interior design. Front is made of polished glass with external dimensions of 81x81x12 mm. Colors: black or white emphasize the modernist style. Discreet lighting of buttons and connectors gives them a unique character. When in the ready state, the devices emit a warm white light on the touch field indicators. When the selected circuit is switched on, it turns orange.

Adjustable backlight brightness of glass buttons

F&F glass touch buttons with proximity function can be adjusted to individual preferences in terms of backlight intensity. Both in the state when the device remains switched off and during operation. As a result, we get a product with a unique design that fits perfectly into modern interiors.

How do the glass touch buttons with proximity function work?

Buttons tactile is activated by approaching the hand to the white illuminated points on the button. The dots gently brighten to indicate the location of the touch sensors. The orange backlight informs about switching on the selected circuit. Color intensity depends on personal settings.