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F&Wave - simple radio control

The wireless F&Wave radio system allows for remote control of lighting, roller shutters, shutters, as well as entrance and garage gates.
It was created for all those who want to introduce modern solutions to their homes that are functional, easy to install, easy to use and, above all, inexpensive.

How does the F & Wave radio control work?

It is an arrangement of two types of devices:

  • transmitters (wall buttons, also battery-operated, remote controls, key rings)
  • and receivers cooperating with them.

A unique feature of the receivers' operation is the retransmission of the received signal - it is passed on, thus increasing its range.
When creating the F & Wave system, we also designed solutions that allow the use of a radio system using the already existing electrical installation and existing lighting switches. All you need to do is install the F & Wave NN transmitter in the box under the button and you have the option of additional light control using the entire range of the already mentioned F & Wave remote control transmitters: wall-mounted buttons (also battery operated), remote controls, key rings.
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    Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items

    F&Wave - simple radio control

    Technological progress is the result of our desire to make things easier and faster. We want to save both time and money. We are looking for solutions that will improve our everyday life and make life simply more comfortable. Smart home proposals are solutions that allow you to remotely control your home using mobile applications. Often, however, we do not need such advanced systems. It is enough for us, apart from the usual wall buttons, to control the basic functions at home using the remote control. In this case, it will be a good solution to reach for, for example, the F&Wave simple radio control system.

    Advantages of F&Wave wireless radio control

    The wireless, radio F&Wave system allows remote control of lighting, blinds and blinds. We will also use F&Wave radio controllers to remotely open entrance and garage gates. It is a simple on-off radio control.

    F&Wave is a modern home automation that is:

    • functional,
    • easy to install,
    • simple to use,
    • affordable.

    How does the F&Wave radio control work?

    F&Wave is a system of two types of devices cooperating with each other:

    • transmitters (wall buttons, including battery and touch buttons, remote controls, key fobs)
    • receivers (relays, controllers)

    The unique principle of receivers is to retransmit the received signal. This means that the receivers pass the signal on to each other. Thanks to this, there is no problem with the range.

    Modernization of the house without the need to forge walls

    Old installation, modern solutions

    The advantage of the F&Wave radio control is the trouble-free installation of devices in already existing, finished buildings. Also those that are many years old, where old-type installations are located. Thanks to the fact that the transmitters and receivers communicate with each other by radio, there is no need to forge walls and run additional wires. The F&Wave system also includes LV relays, which are intended for "old" installations.
    Radio relays without the "N" wire enable radio control using the "old" electrical installation and lighting switches. only in the box under the button to mount the relay. And now you can control the light with F&Wave remote control transmitters.

    Remote F&Wave radio control. Sample solutions

    Radio control of blinds

    If you already control the operation of roller shutters using shutter buttons, let's reach for the FW-STR1P-P radio roller shutter controller. It is enough to mount it in the box under the button and you will be able to remotely control the roller shutters using radio transmitters. Both the radio battery button and the remote control work with the controller. The remote control enables remote radio control of both external and internal roller blinds. The radio roller shutter controller is also available in a version for mounting on a DIN rail - FV-STR1D-P.
    What is the radio roller shutter control? How to install the F&Wave radio roller shutter controller? For more information, see here

    Radio lighting control

    F&Wave is a convenient radio remote control, also for lighting.
    How to control ceiling lighting with a remote control?

    Just install a radio bistable relay from the F&Wave family - FW-R2P. We mount it in the box under the local button. Together with a compatible F&Wave remote control for radio control, it will enable remote control of e.g. a chandelier. In addition, we can use a battery remote control button, e.g. 3-key FW-WS3-3. No wires required. It is adapted for wall mounting. However, it can be placed anywhere using double-sided tape.
    How to carry out the correct assembly of the radio transmitter? You will learn from videoguide.

    Radio control of LED lighting

    Is radio remote control possible with LED bulbs? Yes, to safely control 12V LED lighting and LED strips, just use the FW-LED2D dual-channel LED driver for rail mounting or flush-mounted FW-LED2P with soft start function.

    Remote dimming of light using radio controllers

    You can adjust the brightness of the lighting with a radio dimmer. It is available in a version for mounting in a flush-mounted box - FW-D1P. It can also be mounted on a DIN rail - version FW-D1D. It has the function of soft start, which allows for smooth switching on or off of the lighting. Works with various loads, incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, dimmable LED bulbs. The brightness of the light is adjusted using traditional local buttons, radio remote controls, battery buttons for remote control.
    You can find out more from the radio video guide light dimmer.

    Remote gate opening with remote control

    We will also use the F&Wave radio controllers to remotely open the entrance or garage gate. Radio bistable relays can be used for this purpose, e.g. -p.html">FW-R1P-P. A radio multifunctional controller for roller shutters will also be helpful FW-STR1P -P.

    Modern radio glass buttons

    Presenting the advantages of the F&Wave radio control, we put a lot of emphasis on the properly non-invasive installation and trouble-free operation of the controllers in older-type electrical installations. However, the F&Wave wireless control system also includes such modern solutions as the possibility of radio control of circuits using designer glass touch buttons.
    These are radio, single modules, each with four activation fields. They are made of polished glass in white or black. We offer two versions, with a supply voltage of 24 V (FW-GS-24) or 230 V (FW-GS-230). electric F&Wave.