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Light dependent relays - twilight switches and detectors

Twilight switch also known as a twilight switch - this is a type of electrical switch that is designed to switch on and off another device depending on the intensity of light. Twilight switches are usually used to turn on lighting after dark.
The twilight switch is equipped with a special photoresistor that analyzes the light intensity level. The decrease in illumination intensity causes an increase in the resistance in the photoresistor, as a result of which the dusk sensor activates the flip-flop, which causes the supply of electricity to the electric circuit in which the twilight switch is connected.
The appearance of morning sun rays forces the twilight switch to work in reverse. The increased level of illuminance causes a decrease in the resistance in the photoresistor, which in turn turns off the flip-flop and cuts off the power supply, turning off the lighting.
The most common use of a twilight switch (twilight automaton) is to control the lighting of advertisements, neon lights, lighting of shop windows, gardens, driveways in properties.
The general division of twilight automatons (twilight switches) results from the location of the sensor (probe). There are twilight switches with an external probe - on a cable or with a sensor built inside the twilight switch itself.

Twilight switches with internal probe:
AZH, AZH-106, AZH-C, AWZ, AWZ-30

Twilight switches with external probe:


Enabled filters:
    Power supply voltage
    Ingress Protection Marking
    Photosensitive element
    Maximum AC-1 load current
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