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Staircase timers- staircase lighting time switches

A staircase timer, also known as a staircase switch, is a type of timer that is used to turn on and keep the lighting on for a certain period of time, after which the lighting is automatically turned off. The stair switch (staircase timer) is most often used to control the lighting of communication routes (e.g. corridors, staircases).
Pressing the momentary switch button (e.g. a bell switch) causes that the staircase timer switches on and maintains the lighting for the set time. After this time, the staircase timer switches off the lighting automatically. After switching off the lighting, pressing the switch again activates the staircase switch, which switches the lighting back on for the set time.
Common structures of staircase machines:
-a staircase timer with anti-blockade - the anti-blocking function does not allow the lighting to be permanently switched on by immobilizing the switch by a match. In such a situation, the device will measure the set time and turn off the lighting. Re-switching on the lighting is possible after removing the lock.
ASO-202, ASO-203, AS-223, AS-224, AS-222T

- Staircase timer with a shutdown warning - The staircase timer activated by a momentary switch (bell) switches on and maintains the lighting for the time set on it, after which the brightness is reduced by half for about 30 seconds before switching off the lighting. Only after this time will the lighting be completely turned off. This function prevents the appearance of sudden darkness in the staircase, and gives the opportunity and time to safely reach the switch). When the brightness is reduced, a second switch signal will turn the lighting on to full brightness.
AS-221T, AS-222T


Enabled filters:
    Power supply voltage
    Maximum AC-1 load current
    the anti-blockade
    Switching off indication
    Cooperation with illuminated buttons
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