Electronic bi-stable pulse relays 

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Bistable relays

Bistable relays are designed to control lighting with pulses coming from an unlimited number of momentary buttons. They allow you to achieve effects that are impossible to achieve in a classic lighting installation and at the same time can replace classic stair and cross stair switches. This solution provides full comfort of using the lighting. In a system consisting of an unlimited number of switches, the user can turn on the light with any button and can also turn it off with any button. As a result, thanks to the use of impulse relays, the buttons for switching the lighting on and off can be installed in any place and number, which significantly increases the comfort of using the lighting in the facility.


Enabled filters:
    Power supply voltage
    Resistance to shock currents
    Cooperation with illuminated buttons
    Activate on time
    Number of channels
    Contact configuration
    Separation of the contact
    Dedicated central control inputs
    Radio control
    Status memory after power failure
    Maximum AC-1 load current
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    Showing 1 - 12 of 51 items