FW-WSO2 button

FW-WSO2 button

FW-WSO4, 5902431672731

Product description

Battery operated, 2-channel remote control. The FW-WSO2 button belongs to the Sonata family of the OSPEL company. It allows for radio control of lighting, smooth adjustment of lighting brightness, control of roller blinds, shutters, awnings, entrance and garage gates and other devices in the house.

The FW-WSO2 button belongs to OSPEL's Sonata series and fits perfectly with the rest of the collection. You can easily adjust it to your own concepts by changing the color of the frames and combining it with other devices from the Sonata series using multiple frames.

Features of the device
The FW-WSO2 is a 1-key, 2-channel radio remote control transmitter dedicated to work with all F & Wave family devices.

  • independent control of two receivers or two groups of receivers,
  • any number of receivers within each group, switching receivers and lighting circuits on and off,
  • brightening and dimming the light
  • raising and lowering roller shutters,
  • triggering time functions,
  • optical transmission signaling,
  • easy installation anywhere,
  • trouble-free installation ensured by energy-saving battery power,
  • high quality of operation due to the large range of transmitting and retransmitting orders between receivers.

* functionality depends on the controlled receiver

F&Wave radio remote control

A unique feature of the F&Wave system is signal retransmission. Each receiver that receives a control signal from the transmitter automatically transmits it. This significantly increases the control range in the case of receivers that are far from the transmitter so that they are beyond the range of the original signal.

The system consists of receivers - actuators. They are produced in a version for mounting in a Ø60 flush-mounted box or for mounting on a TH-35 rail (width of 1 module, i.e. 17.5 mm). In addition to the receivers in the F&Wave system, there are also transmitters.

These are handheld remote controls or devices for installation in a flush-mounted box. Operating range In an open space, without the presence of disturbing factors, the range of devices controlled by radio is about 100 m. In building conditions and in the presence of interference sources (power lines, transmitters, etc.), the actual range may be smaller. Coverage can be improved by direct retransmission of modules within range of each other.

Power supply voltage3 V
Number of channels4
Radio frequency868 MHz
Battery type2032 (lithium)
Battery lifeok 3 lata (czuwanie) / ok. 10 godzin nadawania (naciśnięty przycisk)
Working temperature5÷50°C
Dimensions86 mm x 86 mm x 15 mm
Assemblyon wall
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20