Infrared motion sensor DR-03

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Infrared motion sensor DR-03

DR-03, 5908312599869

Product description

The motion sensor is designed for automatic, scheduled lighting activation if a person or other object appears in places such as corridors, courtyards, approaches and driveways, garages, etc.
In flush mounted Ø60.
The sensor detects the infrared radiation sources. It analyzes the parameters such as the size of the object, the amount of heat emitted and the speed of movement between sectors of detection. Movement in the detection area will automatically switch on the lighting. From this moment the light will stay on, as long as the sensor detects continuous movement. Only the lack of movement in the detection area triggers the lighting support time. Another movement in the detection area and its sub-sequent disappearance during the measured time resets the support time to the beginning. 
The specific of operation allows to use the DR-03 as a presence sensor.
The motion sensor is equipped with a twilight sensor to prevent switching the lighting on during the day. Detection status and standby to switch on the lighting are activated only after dark. The activation time of the sensor can be. In addition, user can adjust  the switching time of the receiver within a range of 10 sec to 7 min.  
Changes in temperature can affect the motion detection. 
The motion sensor can work indoors and outdoors in places not directly exposed to rain or snow and where there is no risk of splashing the sensor casing and its electrical terminals with water or other liquid.

Table of power


The above data are indicative and will heavily depend on the design of a specific receiver (that is especially important for LED bulbs, energy-saving lamps, electronic transformers and pulse power supply units), switching frequency and operating conditions.

Power supply voltage195÷265 V AC
Maximum AC-1 load current3 A *
Turn-off time10 s ± 3 s ÷ 7 min ± 2 min.
Twilight activation threshold3÷2000 Lx
Motion detection0,6÷1,5 m/s
Horizontal detection field160°
Maximum adjustable detection radius (h: 2.5 m, Temp. 249 m
Sensor mounting height1,0÷1,8 m
Type of detectioninfrared
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 1,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,3 Nm
Power consumption0,5 W
Working temperature-10÷40°C
Dimensionsexternal: 80 × 80 × 62mm, groove: fi-60mm, depth-32mm, mounting hole: fi-60mm, bolt spacing: 58mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20
* Load of a resistive nature [AC-1]. For loads of a different nature (e.g. LED lighting), the maximum load current may be significantly lower.
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