Microwave motion detector DRM-01 24 V

Microwave motion detector DRM-01 24 V

DRM-01-24V, 5908312594642

Product description

The motion detector is used for automatic, temporary lighting attach if a person or other object appears in detector's range in places such as hallways, courtyards, approaches and driveways, garages, etc.
Microwave motion detector. Surface assembly. Protection level IP20.

With presence sensor function.

Microwave sensor allows for motion detection by wooden boards, plasterboard panels, glass and plastics.

DRM sensor emits and bounces  high-frequency 5.8GHz electromagnetic waves . The sensor detects changes in the reflected waves caused by movement of the object in the area of detection. The sensor detects movement of an object to and from the sensor. Movement in the range of detection will automatically attach the lighting.  Since the moment of lighting is attached, continious movement in detection area causes permanently lighting attach. Next move in detection area and its loss during the time countdown will start the time of  sustain from the beginning. The way of functionning allows to use  of DRM as a presence sensor.



The power of microwave radiation is relatively low and is completely safe for humans and animals. Its value is less than 10mW. By comparison, microwaves and cell phones radiate about 1000mW of power (100 times harder).


Power supply voltage18÷24 V AC
Maximum AC-1 load current5 A *
Operating threshold - adjustable2÷2000 Lx
Delay of operationless than 1 s
Frequency of microwave radiation5,8 GHz
Maximum radiation power10 mW
Radiation detection - adjustable (for a height equal to 2.5 m)1÷10 m
The receiver activation time - adjustable5 s ÷ 12 min.
Horizontal detection field360°
Type of detectionmicrowave
Terminalterminals 1mm²
Tightening torque0,25 Nm
Power consumption0,9 W
Working temperature-25 ÷ 50 °C
Dimensions46 × 93 × 42 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20
* Load of a resistive nature [AC-1]. For loads of a different nature (e.g. LED lighting), the maximum load current may be significantly lower.
More information: www.fif.com.pl/en/content/24-wskazowki