DRL-60-12 laser distance sensor 12 V - white

DRL-60-12 laser distance sensor 12 V - white

DRL-60-12-1, 5902431675589

Product description

The DRL-60-12 is a laser sensor designed to control lighting, especially in corridors and staircases.
Installation in a ø 60 mm box
Color: white


The principle of operation is to emit a light beam and measure the delay of returning light as a result of reflection from an obstacle. On this basis, it is possible to precisely determine the distance to the obstacle, which is then compared with the set detection range. The condition for switching on the light is the presence of an obstacle at a distance smaller than the set detection range and a brightness level below the value set on the sensor. This solution is perfect for switching on lighting circuits for example on open stairs, where it is important that the sensor detects presence only on the stairs and ignores everything that happens outside.


  • » Laser distance sensor of the ToF (Time of Flight) type;
  • » The detection range can be smoothly adjusted in the range of 0.1 to 2 m;
  • » A brightness sensor that prevents the light from being switched on when the brightness level is high;
  • » Adjustable time of keeping the light on;
  • » Ability to directly control the 12/24 V lighting circuits (load capacity up to 4 A, which can be increased by connecting LEDAMP amplifiers);
  • » Soft start and soft shutdown feature available for controlled lighting circuits*;
  • » Ability of integration with AS-225 and AS-225D staircase lighting timers;
  • » Compact size, can be mounted in a ø60 mm box;
  • » LED indicating the operating status of the sensor;
  • » Thermal protection against exceeding the acceptable temperature inside the housing.

Power supply voltage9÷27 V DC
Maximum load current 4 A
Operating threshold - adjustable2÷500 lx
Detection field0,1÷2,0 m
The receiver activation time - adjustable0÷10 min.
Type of detectionToF laser sensor
Wavelength940 nm
Securityclass 1
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumption0,3 W
Working temperature-10÷45°C
Dimensionsexternal 80×80×6,5 mm; internal (can) ø60 mm, depth 25 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP30

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