Infrared motion sensor DR-05 W white 24V

Infrared motion sensor DR-05 W white 24V

DR-05W-24V, 5908312598688

Product description

Motion sensor is used for automatic switch on lighting in the event of a person or other object in such areas as hallways, courtyards, approach and access roads, garages, etc.
Surface mounting. Protection level IP 44.

The sensor detects infra-red radiation source. It's analysing parameters as the size of the object, the amount of heat emitted, and the speed of movement between the various sectors of detection. Detector head is moving in two dimensions, which allows for precise setting of the matched field detection to the individual requirements of the user. Movement detection in the box will automatically attach to the lighting time set by the user. After that time, the lighting is switched off automatically. Motion sensor is equipped with an automatic control include preventing crepuscular lighting during the day. The state detector and a willingness to attach lighting is activated only after dusk. The timing of activation of the sensor can be adjusted by the user potencjometrem.The motion sensor can work indoors and outdoors in places where it is not  exposed to direct rain or snow, and there is no  possibility to flooding by water or other liquid sensor's cover casing and its electrical points connections.

Power supply voltage24 V AC/DC
Maximum AC-1 load current5 A *
Turn-off time10 s ± 3 s ÷ 10 min ± 2 min.
Motion detection0,6÷1,5 m/s
Horizontal detection field0°÷180°
Vertical detection field0°÷90°
Maximum adjustable detection radius (h: 2.5 m, Temp. 245÷12 m
Sensor mounting height1,8÷2,5 m
Head rotation range - horizontally / vertically180°/90°
Type of detectioninfrared
Terminalhead vertically mounted: 70 x 140 x 110 mm "
Tightening torque0,3 Nm
Power consumption0,5 W
Working temperature-20÷40°C
Dimensionshorizontal mounted head: 70 x 205 x 45 mm; head vertically mounted: 70 x 140 x 110 mm
Assemblyon wall
Ingress Protection MarkingIP44
* Load of a resistive nature [AC-1]. For loads of a different nature (e.g. LED lighting), the maximum load current may be significantly lower.
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