Measuring transducer of humidity and temperature MB-AHT-1

Measuring transducer of humidity and temperature MB-AHT-1

MAX-MB-AHT-1, 5908312599562

Product description

With Modbus RTU output.
The MB-AHT-1 transducer is used for continuous measurement of temperature in the range -40÷70°C and humidity in the range 0÷100% RH. Data exchange is carried out via the RS-485 port in accordance with the Modbus RTU protocol.

* humidity measurement
* temperature measurement
* readout of the current temperature
* sensor operating status

The module continuously measures via the built-in sensor. Readout of recorded values, setting of all measurement, communication and data exchange parameters are all carried out via the RS-485 port using the Modbus RTU communication protocol.
The module has a heater designed to dry the surface of the measuring sensor. This prevents the condensation of moisture that may interfere with the measurement result. This feature is optional and can be switched on via register 512. In switch-on mode, the heater is started automatically when the humidity rises above 97%. The operation of the heater can affect the correctness of the measurement, therefore during its operation the measurements are blocked (the transducer displays values from before the heater was switched on). Approximate heating cycle: operation - 1s / stop - 5s.


Power supply voltage9÷30 V DC
Measurement range0÷100% RH / -40÷70°С
Communication protocolMODBUS RTU
The type of workSLAVE
Baudrate1200÷115200 bit/s
Data bits8
Stop bits1 / 1.5 / 2
Bits of parityEVEN / ODD / NONE
Power consumption (max)40 mA
Maximum temperature measurement error±1°C
Maximum humidity measurement error±4,5% (0÷80RH); ±6,0% (80÷100RH)
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumption0,3 W
Working temperature-40÷70°С
Dimensions42 mm x 63 mm x 30 mm
Assemblyon wall
Ingress Protection MarkingIP65 - hermetic