Multifunctional 3-phase multimeter DMM-5T-3

Multifunctional 3-phase multimeter DMM-5T-3

DMM-5T-3, 5902431674773

Product description

Multifunctional 3-phase multimeter with Modbus RTU communication, 4-quadrant electricity measurement

Energy analyzer measures load or voltage, current, cos, active power, reactive power, minimum and maximum values of the load and also measures demands. It records the events. This analyzer measures current harmonics and voltage harmonics up to 55. harmonics.

» Measures up to voltage harmonics 55th (L-N and L-L);
» Measures up to current harmonics 55th;
» Supports 3P4W connections;
» RS-485 Modbus RTU;
» 71.5×61.5 Custom design glass LCD;
» It shows the powers of each phase and total active (P1, P2, P3, PΣ);
» It shows the powers of each phase and total reactive (Q1, Q2, Q3, QΣ inductive or capacitive);
» It shows the powers of each phase and total apparent (S1, S2, S3, SΣ);
» It shows power factors (PF) and cosΣ values of each phases;
» It shows the minimum, maximum and average values of the phase-to-phase and phase-neutral voltages (V);
» It shows the values of each phase and total current (I1, I2, I3, IΣ);
» It shows total import and export active (ΣkWh) energy;
» It shows total inductive and capacitive reactive (ΣkVArh) energy;
» 2 relay outputs (adjustable), 1 digital input;
» Event logs (high voltage, low voltage, power interruption, voltage irregularity, high current, current irregularity, THDV and THDI limits);
» The date and time can be set;
» Real time clock;
» It shows demands;
» You can delete energies, demand, and event logs;
» The menu is password protected.

Typenetwork parameter analyzer
Napięcie85÷240 V AC
Rozmiar otworu montażowego91÷91 mm
Port RS-485Port komunikacyjny zgodny z interfejsem Modbus RTU; Prędkość transmisji: 2400/4800/9600/19200/38400 bps; Parzystość: brak, even, odd; Bity stopu: 1, 2