Modular solid-state relay SSR-5A-D

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Modular solid-state relay SSR-5A-D

SSR-5A-D, 5902431675091

Product description

The SSR-5A-D semiconductor modular relay controls a load of up to 5 A and a power supply of 60÷265 V AC.

How does the SSR-5A-D relay work?

Applying supply voltage to the contactor coil will cause the contact to switch. Switching on the contactor is indicated by a red marker in the window. After a power failure, the contacts return to their original position.

Features of the relay

  • Switching on the load at "zero" - reduction of current surge when switching on the circuit (e.g. LED lighting);
  • Built-in thermal protection and operation signaling;
  • Noiseless operation;
  • Switching on without sparking or contact vibration;
  • Unlimited number of connections;

Operation of the SSR-5A-D solid-state relay

Applying voltage to control terminals 1-3 (see the DIAGRAM tab) activates the electronic switch closing the circuit between terminals 10-12. The circuit is closed when the sine wave of the supply voltage crosses zero. This allows you to limit current surges when connecting a capacitive load. The activation of the circuit is indicated by the green indicator light. After a power failure, the contact between terminals 10-12 opens.

Thermal protection

The SSR-5A-D relay has a thermal protection system. It disconnects the load when the permissible temperature inside the device is exceeded. Activation of the protection is signaled by turning on the red indicator light. When the temperature inside the device drops to a safe level, the load is automatically turned on again.

Power supply voltageAC: 5÷27 V AC; DC: 5÷32 V DC
Wyjście - napięcie znamionowe230 V AC
Wyjście - prąd znamionowy5 A
Wyjście - styki1×NO
Wyjście - maksymalny prąd załączenia150 A/10 ms
Wyjście - opóźnienie zadziałaniamniej niż 20 ms
Wyjście - strata mocy (dla 5 A)4 W
Izolacja IN/OUT3 kV
Output - executive elementtriak
Thermal protection100°C
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Power consumption0,2 W
Working temperature-20÷50°C
Dimensions1 module (18 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20
Schemat podłączenia SSR-5A-D