Product description

USB flash memory 275GB.
External memory for cooperation with the MT-CPU-1 hardware server for the MeternetPRO system archive.

SSD memory with a capacity of 275GB in a metal housing with a plastic adapter for mounting on TH35 rail. The connection to the MT-CPU-1 server is made using the USB_MicroB-USB_A cable. The drive has a PLP Power Loss Protection system that protects the drive and data against the effects of a sudden power outage. The system is based on a built-in capacitor bank and a special software-hardware mechanism to prevent damage to the file system, and thus loss of data. Note: A sudden power failure may result in the loss of the last data being saved. However, the file system itself remains consistent, preventing complete data loss. After rebooting, recent entries may be missing. The disk is equipped with a hardware Wear Leveling system to control the even storage of data in the memory space, which protects the memory cells against frequent and repeated write that causes excessive wear of the disk memory areas.

MTBF1.5 Mio. hours
interfaceUSB 3.0
TerminalUSB Micro-B
Power consumption waking / working 0,35 W / 1,1 W
Working temperature0 ÷ 70 °C
Dimensions W 105 x S 40 x G 27 mm
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Memory typeSolid State Disc (SSD)
Reading430 MB/s
Record400 MB/s
Capacity480 GB

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