mH-DEVELOPER, 5902431672991

Product description

Central unit of the apartment control system for developers.
The module offers basic functions of heating, lighting and electrical sockets, most desired by customers.

The mH-Developer system is designed for controlling heating, lighting and electrical sockets in the installations of houses and flats. The main module is a standalone unit that has been developed based on a detailed analysis of customer needs and in collaboration with developers. Additionally, the basic module can be extended with other functionalities (control of roller shutters, gates, RGB lighting, garden watering) by using extension modules from the F&Home system. The main module, as well as the extension elements, are mounted in the switchgear. The system does not require the installation of additional devices under the buttons - therefore it does not require the use of deepened boxes. The whole system is characterized by simple installation, compact design and a functional mobile application that allows you to configure and control the elements of the system.

Basic functionality

• Heating control (8 zones);
• Ability to connect an external temperature sensor;
• Control of lighting and electrical outlets (12 circuits);
• Control of water, gas and other media valves;
• Electricity meter (indicating total and instantaneous energy consumption).

Typemoduł logiczny z elementami wykonawczymi
Input voltage24 V
Controller power supply - power supply voltage24 V DC
Power supply tolerance-20%, +10%
Maximum input current for a single input10 mA
Maksymalna obciążalność dla pojedynczego wyj. (dla wyjść 1-9)16 A (AC-1)
Maksymalna obciążalność dla pojedynczego wyj. (dla wyjść 10-12)3 A (AC-1)
Maksymalna obciążalność dla pojedynczego wyj. elektrozaworów0,5 A
Interfejs CANTAK (F&Home)
Interfejs ModBUSTAK (Modbus RTU)
Humidity (non-condensing)85%
Power consumption (max)500 mA
Working temperature-25 ÷ 50 °C
Dimensions210x90x59 mm
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20