External probe PZ

External probe PZ


Product description

The probe is designed to work with liquid control relays PZ-828, PZ-828 RC.

The probe design allows it to be mounted on a flat horizontal surface, e.g. on a floor in a room with water valves, flow pipes or in a laundry room, which allows for quick detection of failure and flooding of the room with liquid with simultaneous switching off of electrical circuits or switching on of sound or light signaling (alarm) . The probe cable can be extended up to 100 m.
Up to 10 probes can be connected to input 5-6 (in series or in parallel):
• in series - for a dependent fluid level control system, multiple points must simultaneously short-circuit all connected sensors for the relay to operate;
• in parallel - for the alternative fluid level control system, at least one of any connected sensors must short-circuit at many points. When connected in series, the sensitivity of the sensors decreases (the conductivity decreases).

Input voltage110-240V AC
Output voltage48 V DC
Moc ciągła100 W
Frequency50÷60 Hz