LED-AMP-1D power signal amplifier

LED-AMP-1D power signal amplifier

LED-AMP-1D, 5902431672069

Product description

The LED-AMP-1D controller is a signal amplifier for LED 12/24 V DC lighting.

The principle of operation is the reproduction of the PWM control signal connected to the input of the system at the output of the amplifier. The energy to power the next lighting segment is drawn from the power supply connected to the amplifier. Galvanic isolation between the input and output of the amplifier allows for unlimited expansion of the lighting chain, without the risk of problems with power supply from different phases or long ground loops.

LED-AMP-1D records the PWM signal that powers the previous lighting segment and plays it on the output with the full power of the connected power supply. The level of the input signal is indicated by a yellow LED on the controller casing. The amplifier is equipped with thermal protection that prevents exceeding the temperature within the enclosure if the connected load is too high. In this case, the lighting will be disconnected until the temperature of the device drops to a safe level. Exceeding the temperature is additionally indicated by a red LED located on the casing of the controller.

The amplifier is not designed to be powered by AC voltage.
Use a power supply with current efficiency adapted to the connected light sources


Power supply voltage9÷30 V DC
Thermal protection threshold65°C
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Dimensions1 module (18 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20
Input - voltage6÷30 V DC
Input - electricity5 mA
Input - control signalPWM
Output - voltagelike power supply voltage
Output - current [max]16 A
Separation between input and output - typegalvanic
Separation between input and output - level2,5 kV
Power consumption - Iwy - 0 A0,05 W
Power consumption - Iwy - 16 A1,2 W
Working temperature (no condensation)-15÷50°C
Signalingpower supply, brightness level, temperature exceeding