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SZR-281, 5908312594444

Product description

3 controlled lines.
Automatic transfer switching equipment is used to control the work performance and accuracy of power lines and automatic switching power supply facility sources in the event of power line parameters decrease or total loss of voltage on the line.

Simultaneous control of three power lines
* Measured TrueRMS value
* Galvanic separation of measuring inputs lines supply
* Control voltage presence on the receiving line
* Controlling contactors or motorized connectors
* Support for an emergency exhaust generator
* Working in automatic mode, with the possibility
of determining the priority line
* Power Dump is achieved through separation of the receiving
line into two parts, with possibility to freely define
of the power dump cases
* An independent determination of voltage range for each
of the line for which line qualified as good, and the voltage
hysteresis determination of the line qualifications
* The definition of eligibility as a good line, and the time
of qualification as a bad line.
* Accelerated classification as a bad line in case of total loss
of voltage on the line
* The definition of time-controlled switching on and off
contactors / motor connector
* Ability to connect to an external safety circuit lock the controller work
* Setting and monitoring of the driver through the front panel controller with LCD display and keypad
* Setting and monitoring of the controller through a PC using a dedicated application
* Event registration with the possibility of export of the registration file to your PC
* Signalling errors achieved through contact and buzzer alarm
* Ability to controller supplying by reserve voltage 24V DC
* Settings controller access lock by a PIN code

Controller power supply - power supply voltage85÷264 V AC
Controller power supply - reserve voltage16÷27 V DC
Controlled lines3 x 400 V + N (four-wire)
The number of controlled lines3
Measured input voltages - rated voltage230 V
Measured input voltages - measuring range80÷300 V
Measured input voltages - frequency45÷50 Hz
Measured input voltages - accuracy1% of full scale + 1 digit
Relay outputs typcontacts 8 x [1xNO] + 1x[1xNO] (Alarm)
Relay outputs, load capacity8 A / 2 A (ALARM)
Controller power supply - power consumption (main / reserve)5 VA / 10 W
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Working temperature10÷40ºC
Dimensions150 x 75 x 110 mm
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20

Application support controller ATSE work in Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 system and meets the minimum hardware requirements for these systems + monitor resolution min. 1024×768 pixels.