SZR-278, 5902431671512

Product description

The SZR-278 controller is designed to control the correctness of power lines operation and automatically switch the power supply of the facility into electricity.
The most important features of the SZR-278 are:
* simultaneous control of two power lines through the measurement of phase voltages on each phase in all power lines.
The control includes:
– control of the presence of phases and correctness of the voltage supply;
– control of the asymmetry of the phase voltages;
– control of the phase sequence.
* control of both contactors and motor-driven switches.
* control of the operation of the switchgear devices;
* monitoring of overcurrent protection activation;
* configurable parameters of controller operation:
– minimum acceptable supply voltage;
– times of the reaction of the controller to incorrect parameters of the power line and return to the correct parameters;
– delay between switching off one line and switching on the next one;
– phase sequence control;
– the power supply of the controller can be provided both via external N1 and N2 power lines, as well as dedicated 50÷350 V AC/DC input of guaranteed power supply;
– can be used in single-phase circuits.

Controlled lines3 x 400 V + N (four-wire)
The number of controlled lines2
Power supply voltage24÷264 V AC
Frequency45÷55 Hz
Maximum voltage450 V AC
Turn off time1÷15 s
Off time upper0,3 s
Line switching time0,1÷5 s
Generator starting time5÷100 s
Extinguish generator time20÷200 s
Switch-off time at power failure0,1 s
The time the main input was turned on after the voltage was restored5÷600 s
Number of relay outputs4
Maximum load current16 A
The maximum current of the contactor coil2:00 AM
Contact configuration4 × NO/NC
Lower voltage threshold150÷210 V AC
Upper voltage threshold270 V AC
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumption4 VA
Working temperature-20÷40°C
Dimensions6 modules (105 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20

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