rH-Serwer-DIN2, 5902431671154

Product description

Main controller (server) of the F&Home RADIO system. On a DIN rail.
The rH-SERVER DIN2 is a central control unit for F&Home Radio system elements. It manages the System operation according to household members' preferences through a two-way, encrypted radio communication. Included software allows the household members to control and configure the System, both locally and remotely via the Internet and GSM network. Programming of the System is very easy and fast with a graphic application, in which user can simply drag and combine elements with just a couple of mouse moves. Main controller has a built-in real time clock, astronomical clock and the operation monitoring system.


• Two-way radio communication with confirmation between the main controller and the elements of the system.
• Secure encrypted transmission, with a unique key for each controller.
• Redundancy - double radio to ensure system stability.
• Access to installations in the building via the Internet - mobile devices: smartphone, tablet or computer.
• Monitoring the operation of all system components.
• Very low power consumption (up to 4W) and noiseless operation.