Five-channel relay rH-R5

Five-channel relay rH-R5


Five-channel relay of the F&Home RADIO system.
The rH-R5 module includes five relays to switch electrical circuits from a common power supply. Communication with the server is done via radio. The load of power input can be resistive, inductive and capacitive, both in direct and alternating current circuits. All relays have connected one lead of closing contact to a common wire. Pressing the button on the housing for less than 1 second switches all relays on or off at the same time.

The rH-R5 module is represented by an object, which consist of five binary inputs and five binary (bistate) outputs of the relay, separate for each physical input. The input of the object is used for controlling the relay channels, and the information about operating state of the given relay channel is feed on the output.

rH-R5 manual (137.39k)

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