Two-channel dimmer with two inputs rH-D2S2

Two-channel dimmer with two inputs rH-D2S2


Two-channel dimmer with two inputs of the F&Home RADIO system.
The rH-D2S2 is a combination of dimmer and two contact inputs. The module sends information about opening or closing of the contacts to the system and controls AC230V receivers. Communication with the server is done via radio. The module has two physical inputs for connecting two momentary buttons, and one output for the receiver. The load of power input can be resistive (incandescent bulbs), inductive (AC motors and transformers) and capacitive (fluorescent lamps). Power is adjusted by the modulation of the phase, in the range of 0-100%.
If the module is disconnected from the server, it goes into autonomous mode and starts to operate as a classic dimmer. Short press of the button connected to contact 1 or 2 switches on or off the first or the second output of the dimmer respectively. Long press of the button increases/decreases power, in steps of 10% in the range of 10%-100%.
Conditions for autonomous mode to activate:
1. Correct connection of S1 and S2 contact with the button;
2. Option Offline: autonomous mode is enabled in the Installer settings.

The rH-D2S2 module is represented by an object, which consist of two LIGHT-type channels that read information about power and activation time from four identical inputs. The algorithm determines the maximum power read from all inputs and, along with the switch-on time, controls the connected lamp or other receiver. Feedback about the actual level of load control is applied on the “Confirmed dimmer status” output. The element has also two binary (bistate) inputs and two binary outputs, separate for each physical input. Closing or opening the contact causes the logical state to change at the corresponding output.

rH-D2S2 manual (269.21k)

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