Three-channel relay rH-R3S3

Three-channel relay rH-R3S3


Three-channel relay with three inputs of the F&Home RADIO system.
The rH-R3S3 is a combination of three relays and three contact inputs. The module sends information about opening or closing of the contacts to the system and controls the relays that can activate any electrical circuits. Communication with the server is done via radio. The module has three physical inputs for connecting three momentary potential-free contacts and three inputs of the relay. The load of power input can be resistive, inductive and capacitive, both in direct and alternating current circuits. Pressing the button on the housing for less than 1 second switch on or switch off all relays simultaneously.
If the module is disconnected from the server, it goes into autonomous mode. Short press of the button connected to contact 1, 2 or 3 switches on or off the first, second or third relay respectively.
Conditions for autonomous mode to activate:
1. Correct connection of S1 contact with the button;
2. Option Offline: autonomous mode is enabled in the Installer settings.

The rH-R3S3 module is represented by an object, which consist of three binary inputs and three binary (bistate) outputs of the relay, separate for each physical input. The input of the object is used for controlling the relay channels, and the information about operating state of the relay is feed on the output. The element has also three binary (bistate) inputs and three binary outputs, separate for each physical input. Closing or opening the contact causes the logical state to change at the output. The object has two modes - in second one it acts similarly to the first one as a two-channel relay with two-channel transmitter (mode for compatibility with the withdrawn rH-R2S2 DIN module). 

rH-R3S3 manual (157.26k)

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