Three-channel low-voltage controller rH-PWM3

Three-channel low-voltage controller rH-PWM3


Three-channel low-voltage PWM controller of the F&Home RADIO system.
The rH-PWM3 is designed for controlling three low voltage receivers powered from an external power supply. Power control is performed by pulse width modulation (PWM) that switches the receiver. The pulse frequency is set in the range of 100 Hz to 1 kHz. Communication with the server is done by radio. The rH-PWM3 module is particularly suitable for controlling LEDs, switching electromagnetic locks and other low-voltage electromagnetic actuators.

The rH-PWM3 module is represented by an object, which consist of three LIGHT-type channels that read information about power and activation time from four identical inputs. The algorithm determines the maximum power read from all inputs and, along with the switch-on time, controls the connected lamp or other receiver. Feedback about the actual level of load control is applied on the “Confirmed PWM status channel 1, 2 3” output, separately for each channel.

rH-PWM3 manual (177.23k)

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