Infrared transmitter/receiver rH-IR16

Infrared transmitter/receiver rH-IR16


Product description

Infrared transmitter / receiver of the F&Home RADIO system.
The IR16 module is a receiver and transmitter of infrared signals to control hardware electronics and household appliances. The module performs three functions:
• storing IR command in one of 16 internal memories;
• sending IR command from a memory with a specific number;
• identification of received IR command and sending a memory number to a server.
With the IR16 module the system can receive commands from IR remotes and send commands to devices controlled with these remotes. IR16 module sends IR commands approximately every 200 ms. This is the transmission time of one packet of IR command. Communication with the server is done via radio. The module is placed in a typical enclosure with USB port. Power is supplied via USB port so it must be plugged into any USB port (in TV, receiver, DVD player…)

The IR module is represented by an object that consists of 16 inputs, 16 outputs and 16 buttons visible in the Remote Access that correspond to the memory cells in the module. Additionally the module has a byte output "Error Code", which returns the preset number in case a command was not delivered. If a rising edge of a binary signal is applied on the input or in Remote Access a button is pressed, the object sends a command to the module and waits for a response with the same command. Holding logical '1' on the input for longer or registering at this time a rising edge of the signal sends the next command after receiving confirmation. After receiving by the module the previously stored command from the remote control changes the binary value on the corresponding output of the object to logical '1’.

rH-IR16 manual (138.02k)