Microprocessor based relay EPS-D

Microprocessor based relay EPS-D

EPS-D, 5908312592693

Product description

The EPS-D is intended as a safety device for 3-phase electric motors. It is extremely efficient for expensive applications where reliability is essential, like for pumps, hydrophores, elevators, transporters, hoists, fans, centrifuges, compressors, etc.

The relay controls loads for all phases. Based on the values preset by the user, as well as the actual current consumed by the motor, the operation of the motor is analysed by the relay's CPU. By comparing the operation of the motor in question with model characteristics stored in the CPU, the device detects all defects very quickly and accurately, and immediately switches off the motor.

Security features
     * thermal protection
     * protection against idle operation and dry run (undercurrent protection)
     * protection against mechanical overload
     * protection against fan stall
     * protection against frequent restarts
     * protection against phase collapse
     * protection against phase sequence switch
     * protection against load unbalance
     * protection against earth fault

Optional Security Feature
Against shock (an additional Ferranti transformer enables efficient protection within the range of 30 mA  500 mA. Response time: approx. 100 ms).

Additional features
     * motor load preview
     * message concerning the cause of protection activation
     * motor's thermal memory

The relay's LCD screen shows an actual current value for a single, selected phase. This is available in absolute (A) or relative (%) values in relation to the set current value In. additionally, the device displays the scope of the measured current by means of characters (l > 105% In), (l < 95% In), (95% In I 105% In). The relay measures the real current value up to and including the 7th harmonic. The measurement accuracy is 1%.



  ⇒ to cooperating with current transformer





Power supply voltage160÷242 V 50/60 Hz
The executive elementrelay
Load on the AC-15 contact2:00 AM
Contact configuration1 × NO
Separation of the contactYES
Isolation voltage of main tracks690 V~
Current asymmetry30%
Delay with phase loss and asymmetry4s
The maximum diameter of cablesØ14
Mass385 g
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Working temperature-25÷40°C
Dimensions72 mm x 59 mm x 88 mm
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20