Modular contactor ST63-40-M

Modular contactor ST63-40-M

ST63-40-M, 5902431674018

Product description

Modular contactor with manual control
Rated operating current 63 A.
Rated operating voltage 250 V AC.

Electromagnetic contactors in modular enclosures for direct mounting on TH-35 mm rail.

An additional manipulator on the front of the device allows you to manually control the contactor contacts (regardless of the state of the coil) – circuits can be manually switched on or off, for example during installation/maintenance work.


Operation of the contactor depends on the setting of the operating mode switch:

"I" (upper position)
If the contactor coil is not powered, the contractor contacts are closed. After powering the contactor, the switch automatically switches to the "Auto" position and from that moment
on operates in automatic mode. To lock the contacts in the switched-on position regardless of the power supply of the contactor, move the yellow locking lever to the left while the operating mode is set to the "I" position.

"Auto" (centre position)
Applying power activates the contactor and closes the contacts. After the power supply is disconnected, the contactor switches off and the contacts opens.

"O" (lower position)
The contactor contacts remain open regardless of the power supply voltage state.

Power supply voltagemain circuit 250 V AC
Coil supply voltage230÷240 V AC
Load capacity of main contactsAC-7a: 40 A, AC-7b: 18 A
Contact configuration4×NO
Main track current63 A
Weight0,14 kg
Power consumptionAt the moment of switching on - 9,2 VA, During operation - 2,7 VA (1,2 W)
Working temperatureOperation: -25÷55°C, Storage: -40÷80°C
Dimensions18×85×65 mm
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20
Stycznik modułowy - schemat podłączenia

typecontactscurrent AC1supply voltage
ST25-202NO25A230V AC2,2W1106g4mm²
ST25-20/242NO25A24V AC2,2W1106g4mm²
ST25-111NO+1NC 25A230V AC2,2W1106g4mm²
ST25-303NO25A230V AC4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-313NO+1NC 25A230V AC4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-31/243NO+1NC 25A24V AC 4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-404NO25A230V AC4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-40/244NO25A24V AC 4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-04 4NC25A230V AC4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-22 2NO+2NC 25A230V AC4,0W2168g4mm²
ST40-40 4NO40A230V AC6,4W3241g10mm²
ST40-40/24 4NO40A 24V AC 6,4W3241g10mm²
ST40-31 3NO+1NC 40A 230V AC 6,4W3241g10mm² 
ST63-404NO 63A230V AC6,4W3241g 10mm² 
ST63-40/244NO 63A 24V AC 6,4W3241g 10mm² 
ST63-313NO+1NC 63A230V AC6,4W3241g 10mm²