Remote control transmitter RS-N

Remote control transmitter RS-N

RS-N, 5908312594864

Product description

Underplaster box remote control transmitter.
Electronic relays are used for radio remote control of gates, shutters, lighting, arming alarm systems, etc. The remote control system consisting of a trans-mitter (remote) and receiver (relay). There is a possibility of cooperation between many transmitters to one receiver and one transmitter to multiple receivers.

RS-N1      one-button
RS-N2      two-buttons
RS-N3      three-buttons
RS-N4      four-buttons


Radio transmitter RS-N... cooperate with dedicated production units F&F: monostable receiver RS-407M monostable and bistable receiver RS-407B.

The impulse caused by the push of a button on the remote control to send a coded signal to the receiver. Remote control is protected against break transmission after releasing the button. Thanks to this, even the shortest activation function is the full frame of data transmissions. Data transmission from the remote control is indicated by flashing of red LED on the remote.

Power supply voltage3 V
Radio frequency868 MHz
Battery type2032 (lithium)
Transmissiondynamic variable code
TerminalLGY 0,5 mm2
Working temperature-25 ÷ 50 °C
DimensionsØ52 mm; h: 11 mm
Assemblyin a flush-mounted box Ø60
Ingress Protection MarkingIP00

RS-N manual (116.06k)

RS-N2 manual (618.45k)

RS-N1 manual (618.46k)

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