Voltage relays CP-710

Voltage relays CP-710


With time-blockade.
Voltage relays serves to voltage control in single or three phase mains and to protect receiver against the effects of voltage collapse or increase beyond set values.

Lower voltage value (U1) and upper voltage value (U2) iare set by means of potentiometers. It is so-called eye of voltage, in limits of which can occur changes of phases voltages that do not cause activation of relay. Change of phase voltage on one of phases above or below set voltage tresholds will cause activation of relay. Reactivation follows automatically return of correct voltagevalue.

All types of CP can be supplied with a voltage up to 450V~. This ensures the effective protection of the receiver even in case of a voltage increase beyond allowable standards. Also, in case of supply polarity exchange or when "zero" is switched off (for three-phase types) the relay will not be destroyed ("burned").

Power supply voltage50├Ě450 V AC
Time lockYES
Cooperation with power generatorsYES
The executive elementrelay
Maximum load current16 A
Contact configuration1 ├Ś NO/NC
Separation of the contactYES
Power control4 ├Ś LED
Trip voltage threshold - lower U1150├Ě210 V
Trip voltage threshold - upper U2230├Ě260 V
Return voltage hysteresis - for threshold U15 V
Return voltage hysteresis - for threshold U25 V
Operating time - for U1 threshold1,5 s
Operating time - for U2 threshold0,1 s
Return time - for threshold U11,5 s
Return time - for U2 threshold1,5 s
terminalscrew terminals 2,5 mm┬▓
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumption0,8 W
Working temperature-25 ├Ě 50 ┬░C
dimensions1 module (18 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Level of securityIP20