Voltage relay CP-721-FPV

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Voltage relay CP-721-FPV

CP-721-FPV, 5902431675077

Product description

For photovoltaic systems.

The CP-721-FPV 1-phase voltage relay is dedicated for photovoltaic systems. In the event of detecting an excess of the preset voltage level, the output relay will switch on, with the help of which it is possible to switch on an additional consumer (e.g. a boiler), thus increasing the self-consumption of energy in the domestic installation and reducing the risk of the photovoltaic inverter switching off due to excessively high mains voltage.


  • Output circuit switched on when voltage is exceeded, switched off when voltage decreases;
  • Precise adjustment of switching voltage;
  • Programmable delay for relay activation and deactivation;
  • Programmable voltage hysteresis for relay deactivation;
  • Direct control of loads up to 16 A;
  • LED display for continuous voltage monitoring.


The CP-721-FPV relay continuously monitors the voltage in the mains supply, the measured voltage value is indicated on the display on the front of the device. If the voltage is detected to exceed the preset level "Uon", the overvoltage time countdown starts. If the voltage is exceeded for a time longer than the preset "Uon" value, the built-in relay will switch on. Activation of the relay is signalled by lighting up the yellow LED located below the display.
The condition for switching off the relay is that the mains voltage drops below the value ("Uon" – hys), while this voltage must remain below the preset level for the time set in the "tof"
Schemat działania dla przekaźnika CP-721-FPV

A diagram of how the relay works is shown in the figure below.

CP-721-FPV diagram działania

The relay is equipped with thermal protection to prevent the device from exceeding a safe internal temperature.
The condition for returning to normal operation is:
– the temperature inside the enclosure decreases to a safe level,
– 10 minutes have elapsed since the temperature dropped (this state is signalled by alternating display of an error message and the time remaining until the alarm is cancelled).

Power supply voltage150÷300 V AC
Switching voltage of the contact245÷265 V/krok 1 V
Hysteresis of switching off the contact1÷10 V/krok 0,5 V
Contact switching delay0÷999 s/krok 1 s
Delay in switching off the contact0÷999 s/krok 1 s
The executive elementrelay
Maximum load current16 A
Contact configuration1 × NO
Separation of the contactYES
Contact status indicationLED red
Display3 × sectional LED 5 × 9 mm
Accuracy of measurement±1 V
Terminalzaciski śrubowe 2,5 mm² (linka); zaciski śrubowe 4,0 mm² (drut)
Tightening torque0,5 Nm
Power consumption0,8 W
Working temperature-25 ÷ 50 °C
Dimensions2 modules (35 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20
Schemat podłączenie CP-721-FPV