Phase control relays CZF TRMS

Phase control relays CZF TRMS

CZF-TRMS, 5902431673653

Product description

With the fixed actuation threshold voltage asymmetry.
Three phase monitors serve to protect the three-phase electric motors supplied from three-phase mains, against phase collapse in at least one phase or against phase-to-phase voltage asymmetry, threatening to damage the motor.


Phase collapse in at least one phase or voltage unbalance between phases above fixed actuation threshold causes switching-OFF the motor. The motor switching-OFF occurs with delay, which prevents any accidental motor disconnecting at temporary voltage drop. The re-connection will occur automatically at voltage increase of 5V above activation voltage (i.e. of value of voltage hysteresis). At occurrence of these disturbances, it is not possible to set a motor in motion.


Power supply voltage3 × 400 V + N
Cooperation with power generatorsNO
Phase failure / asymmetry monitoringYES
Phase sequence controlNO
Contactor contact monitoringNO
The executive elementrelay
Maximum load current10 A
Contact configuration1 × NO
Separation of the contactYES
Voltage asymmetry45 V
Voltage hysteresis5 V
Switch off delay4 s
Power control3 × LED green
TerminalOMY 4×1 mm²; 2×0,75 mm², l: 0,5 m
Power consumption1,6 W
Working temperature-25÷40°C
Dimensions51×67×26 mm (± 1 mm)
Assemblyon wall
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20

System which prevents automatic motor restart after power recovery