Programmable control timer PCZ-523

Programmable control timer PCZ-523

PCZ-523, 5908312594109

Product description

Pulse-type. One-way type with two programme lines.
Programmable control timers are used to control the work time of devices included into industrial or household automatic systems in compliance with individual time schedule planned by the user, for example to accompany the school bells or other devices that require short turn on at specified times.

The timer activates and deactivates a given device at preset hours in the following cycles: 24-hour, weekly, working day (Mon-Fri) or weekend (Sat, Sun). Length of pulse: 1s÷99min59s. The relay has two independently programmable, software-switchable control lines connected alternatively receiver (allows you to create, such as the school bell for the control of normal lessons and classes for a separate program summary).

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Timer functions
AUTO MODE - work in order to ON-OFF- commands, programmed by the user in the timer memory.
MANUAL MODE - [ON] include permanent contact (pos.1-5) or [OFF] permanent disconnection contact (pos.1-6)
PROGRAM - a program with two lines of the individual entries Hold-ON command, control receivers contact.
ON-OFF COMMAND - entry program, according to which will enable or disable the receiver.
WORKING CYCLE - Adjustable, weekly cycle, in which the receiver is to include a list of orders in accordance with the programmed ON-OFF:
    * A single day of the week: Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa or Su.
    *  Working days: Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr (Monday to Friday);
    *  Day weekend: Sa, Su (Saturday and Sunday);
    *  Daily: Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su (Monday-Sunday).
AUTOMATIC TIME CHANGE -Changing the time from winter to summer is done automatically at night, on the last Sunday in March at 2.00 (by adding 1 hour to the current time). The change from summer time to winter is done automatically at night, on the last Sunday in October at 3.00 (by subtracting 1 hour from the current time).
DST - Daylight Saving Time - DST Output name (free translation: the mobilization of sunlight). Feature that allows you to disable the automatic time change.
DATE PREVIEW - In AUTO mode, pressing the OK button displays the set date (dd-mm-yy). After 5sek. clock will automatically go to the main.
RESTART - Restarting with the specific processor - necessary in case of suspension of the functions of the clock. Do not delete the date and time entries, and configuration memory.
MEMORY RESET("hard" reset) - delete all previous settings, date, time and entry orders ON / OFF.

Typeprogrammable shool type
Power supply voltage24÷264 V AC/DC
The executive elementrelay
Maximum load current16 A
Contact configuration1 × NO/NC
Separation of the contactYES
Range of hold time setting1s÷99min59s
Time of clock operation6 years
Battery type2032 (lithium)
Accuracy of the clock's indications1 s
Time error±1 s / 24 h
Accuracy of program time setting1 min.
The number of program memory cells120 rozkazów
Display operation timeNONE
Accuracy of the hold time setting1 s
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 4,0 mm²
Tightening torque0,5 Nm
Power consumption1,5 W
Working temperature-20÷50°C
Dimensions2 modules (35 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20

Software version
Currently, the PCZ-523 clock with the index 2 (PCZ-523.2) is sold. It is an index denoting the version of the clock software.
Check what software version your clock has and download the appropriate manual.