SF-550 soft starter

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SF-550 soft starter

SF-550, 5908312597582

Product description

Three-phase soft starter.

Input voltage 3 x 400 V
Maximum power 55 kW

The SF soft starters are used to perform a safe boot of three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage motors. Soft starter eliminates a star-delta systems and drastically reduces the current surge that occurs during start-up of even heavily loaded motors (e.g. mills and grinding machines).



Motor starts on all three phases of the power supply, which prevents the asymmetry of grid load and the uneven load of the motor windings. In addition, the soft starter is equipped with advanced security features to protect the motor during start-up, operation and braking.

Technical data
- full three-phase control
- six types of boot setups
- control of torque, current and power - both during start-up and operation
- electronic protection against motor overload
- protection against motor under-load
- over and under voltage protection
- control panel with keypad and LED display
- analogue output of the current control
- programmable relay outputs
- memory of errors
- ability to automatically restart the motor





Input voltage3 x 400 V
Output current110 A
Maximum engine power55 kW
Number of digital inputs4
Controllingpotential free
Outputs - number of outputs3
Outputs - output typerelay
Built-in bypass contactorNO
Working temperature-10÷40°C