Current transformer TI-80

Current transformer TI-80

TI-80-5, 5908312599722

Product description

80/5 transformer. 2,5 VA.
The current transformer is used for proportional change of high current strength to lower values, adapted to the measuring range of control and measuring devices.

The cable with the measured current passes through the main opening of the transformer (P1 / P2), which is equivalent to one coil of the primary winding. The S1 and S2 terminals of the secondary windings are connected to the terminals of the measuring circuit of the control or measuring device.
The ratio of the strength of the currents in both windings is a constant value and is called the current ratio: IPn/ISn=N, where the IPn is rated primary current; ISn - rated secondary current; N - the value of the transmission. The value of the current flowing through the primary winding can be determined from the value of the current flowing through the secondary winding: ISm*N=IPm, wherein ISm - measured primary current; IPm - measured secondary current.

Please note!
It is recommended to connect the secondary circuit by a wire with diameter of not less than 2.5 mm².
It is recommended to ground the S2 terminal.
It is prohibited to disconnect the secondary circuit during operation of the transformer (the high voltage that may appear pose a risk of electric shock to the people or damage to the device).



Transmission lp / ls80/5
Power [VA]1,5 VA
Frequency50÷60 Hz
Maximum working voltage0,66 kV AC
Standard numberIEC 60044-1
Nominal secondary current Is5 A
Isolation breakdown voltage3 kV/1 min.
Opening dimensions P1 / P2Ø22 mm
Weight0,135 kg
Security factorFS ˂ 5
Connection S1 / S2zaciski śrubowe 4 mm²
Dimensions WxHxD [mm]44 mm × 67 mm × 30 mm
Working temperature-5÷40°C
Mounting positionvertical/horizontal
Assemblyblackboard / busway
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20
Connection diagram