Network signal separator AKS-08

Network signal separator AKS-08

Max-AKS-08, 5902431670263

Product description

The AKS-08 analog separator is a device for converting an analog control signal from one form to another with additional galvanic separation between the input and output signals.

* Conversion of analogue input signal to analog output signal (mA→V, V→mA, mA→mA, V→V)
* High processing speed - capable of transmitting signals up to 100 Hz
* Galvanic separation (min. 1 kV) between analog input and output
* Optical control of input and output signals correctness

Power supply voltage24÷30 V DC
Output currentmax. 50 mA
Input impedance - voltage mode3 kΩ
Input impedance - current mode50 Ω
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Working temperature-25 ÷ 50 °C
Dimensions1 module (18 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20
Description of the device AKS-08

Descritpion of terminals AKS-08

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