Converter CN-ETH-485

Converter CN-ETH-485

MAX-CN-ETH-485, 5902431672113

Product description

Converter RS-485 <=> TCP/IP.

The converter enables access to the RS-485 serial port from any computer on the local network, and when the IP is made available on the Internet, also from every computer in the world connected to the Internet. It also acts as a serial port server. Communication takes place via TCP, UDP, DHCP and other protocols.


  • DB-9 male socket from the RS-232 side
  • 6 terminal terminal for RS-422/485 and power supply
  • RJ-45 Ethernet socket virtual serial port for Windows OS
  • 10 / 100TX network interface
  • support for TCP / IP, UDP and DHCP protocols
  • 9-24 V DC power supply (socket power supply included)

RESET - return to the factory settings

  • turn the power off
  • unscrew the side screws and remove the housing
  • press the button located at the RJ45 connector
  • holding the button, turn the power on and hold for more than 5 seconds.
  • turn off the power, put on the cover and turn on the power again
  • the converter will be available under the default IP address