Programmable logic controller PLC MAX H04

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Programmable logic controller PLC MAX H04

MAX-H04, 5908312593362

Product description

The MAX H04 controller is a freely programmable logic controller with built-in GSM communication.

The MAX H04 controller is a freely programmable logic controller with built-in GSM communication. It is designed to solve a wide range of tasks of managing technological processes and data exchange via GSM mobile network in SMS, VOICE and CLIP modes. The controller is used in home automation as operating conditions monitor and remote control as well as part of control and supervision solutions in industrial automation equipment of small and medium scale.

The MAX controller works in GSM 900/1800 mobile network of any operator in Poland (no simlock lock). One of the basic requirements for using a GSM communicator is the existence of a suitable infrastructure. In order for the device to make calls and perform the required functions, it must have an active SIM card that allows to perform communications services with the selected operator.




The controller may function as a device with a rigid work algorithm, the parameters and functions are set by using H04Config, or as a freely programmable logic controller, control logic of which is entirety defined by the application (ForthLogic language program or MAXLadderSoft program).



The SD/MMC memory card reader can perform service functions and record and store recorded data (external non-volatile memory). Supports SD, SDHC and MMC memory cards up to 32 GB, formatted by FAT32 file systems.

The controller is designed to work safely in both domestic and industrial environments. However, if the level of interference in your environment (eg switchgear) is too large or unknown, follow the following guidelines when installing the controller:
• Use an anti-interference filter and surge suppressor for the power supply (mains side) of the controller.
• Shield for power cables, sensor wires and input signal cables are recommended.

The built-in power supply and battery charger allow a flexible power scheme. For many functions of the controller it is required to use emergency power (backup) in the form of an external gel battery with a nominal voltage of 12V. The controller constantly monitors the battery charge status and charges it automatically when the main voltage is present.


MAX H04 is one of the few controllers that allow you to connect and use it without programming. The H04Config program can be used by anyone who does not want to learn languages and complicated procedures for programming controllers.
The notification task allows you to perform SMS or VOICE notification of one or more of the six users whose phones are stored in the appropriate sections of the configuration menu when there is a logical trigger on one of the inputs.
For digital inputs, the logical trigger is the closure of the circuit between this input and the ground GND (logical value 1). The minimum closing time (pulse) so that the signal is "visible" for the controller is 1 sec. For analogue inputs, the logical trigger is the threshold exceeded value. The notification is made as an SMS message.
The output control allows you to:
- remotely control the controller's digital outputs via commands sent as SMS text messages;
- implement a simple physical value regulator based on any of the analog inputs and digital outputs.
The physical value regulator mode is that when the measured value has exceeded the threshold, the controller switches the digital or relay output to active and vice versa.

Program tools

For the internal tasks and user program interpretation in ForthLogic language is responsible hardware and software system called forth-system. The computational model underlying ForthLogic language consists of stacks, global variables, a dictionary, an input and an output buffers. ForthLogic allows you to describe processes running parallel and functioning in a multi-tasking environment. The interactive programming and application development environment for MAX ForthLogic language consists of the Notepad++, the PuTTY terminal program, and the ForthLogic programming tool. The environment allows you to create scripts in ForthLogic, program MAX controller, and communicate with the controller in terminal mode. MAXLadderSOFT allows you to easily convert the "relay" scheme into the programming language of the controller. The program allows you: creating and editing applications using the Ladder Diagram Language [LAD]; validation of the schematic design; direct communication between the controller and the computer; uploading the application to the controller memory. Direc work with the forth-system is called the dialog mode. There are two types of dialog mode: terminal and remote. Terminal mode is the operation with the HIPERTERMINAL program (MAX-PC connection via USB cable). Terminal mode is primarily used in programming, solving programming tasks or solving problems in the controller. Remote mode - only for controller with GSM module - it is the work with the phone via SMS. In this mode, the phone screen performs similar functions as the terminal window on the computer monitor. The remote mode is obviously used for remote control of devices connected to the controller.
The MAXTool service program allows you to set controller parameters, upload firmware and Forth applications, open graphical extensions and direct communication in a simplified terminal mode. The H04Config program allows you to connect and use the controller without programming components. The program can be used by anyone who does not want to learn languages and complicated programming procedures for PLCs.

Power supply voltage9÷30 V AC/DC
The executive element3 szt., przekaźnik+triak (3A; 600 V AC)
portsSD, microUSB, SIM, RS-485
Digital inputs4 (30 V; 0,2 A)
Analog / digital inputs4 (0/4÷20mA/0÷10V)
Digital OC outputs4 (50V; 0,2A)
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 1,5 mm²
Working temperature-10÷50°C
Dimensions110 mm x 79 mm x 40 mm
Assemblywkrętami do podłoża lub na szynie 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20