Power consumption limiters OM-630

Power consumption limiters OM-630

OM-630, 5908312596448

Product description

Three-phases. P<50kW. With voltage relay function.
The OM-630 power consumption limiter  is designed for continuous monitoring of the power consumption of the receivers connected to the three-phase network.

The limiter allows to disconnect the receivers in case of exceeding the specified power consumption. In addition, the OM-360 controller is equipped with the power supply voltage control function and protects the receiving installation from damage that may occur due to disconnection of the neutral wire (if the neutral wire is disconnected before the OM-630 power limiter).


The OM-630 relay analyzes the power consumption of the devices connected to the receiving line on the basis of continuous measurements of voltages connected to terminals L1, L2, L3 and N as well as the currents flowing through the built-in current relays. When the power consumed by the receivers exceeds the value set by the user than after the TON time the K1 relay and load will be disconnected. After the TOFF time the K1 relay will reconnect. If the power consumption is still exceeded, then after the TON time the load will be disconnected again. This sequence can be repeated six times, after which the load will be disconnected for 10 minutes. After that interval the sequence starts from the beginning.
In addition, the limiter is equipped with the power supply voltage control function and when the voltage drops below 160 V, or exceeds 260 V, then the limiter will switch off the K1 relay and disconnect the receivers.

Power supply voltage3×(50÷450 V)+N
Maximum AC-1 load current2 x 8 A
The executive element2 × relay
Contact configuration2 × NO/NC
Separation of the contactYES
Lower voltage threshold160 V
Upper voltage threshold260 V
Voltage - operating time - lower5 s
Voltage - response time - upper0,1 s
Accuracy of measurement - voltage 502%
Accuracy of measurement - current 33%
Power - threshold of operating power - adjustable5÷50 kW
Power - precision of setting0,5 kW
Power - tripping time Toff - adjustable1÷240 s
Power - TON return time - adjustable2 ÷3600 s
Diameter of the through hole10 mm
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 4,0 mm²
Tightening torque0,5 Nm
Power consumption1,5 W
Working temperature-25 ÷ 50 °C
Dimensions6 modules (105mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20