Power consumption limiters OM-1

Power consumption limiters OM-1

OM-1, 5908312592075

Product description

Adjustable operating power 200-2000 VA. With a constant return time. On plaster.
Power consumption limiters are devised for the automatic disconnection of power from the circuit of single-phase wiring systems once the rated power consumption of the receivers incorporated into the system is exceeded.

The limiter enables the user to supply power to the circuit if the total consumed power applied to the receivers constituting the system is lower than the preset value on the limiter's scale. Once the rated power consumption threshold in the controlled circuit is exceeded, the element is automatically disconnected from the power source. The supply is reinstated automatically once the preset time lapses. If the value of power consumption remains over the rated input, the power supply to the circuit is cut off again.
The power consumption limiter has been equipped with a delayed activation circuit (1.5÷2sec) which prevents disconnection of the power supply in the event of momentary power consumption surges over the rated level.

Power limiter should not be used in systems with electronic ignition (energy saving lamps), pulse power supplier and other devices generating higher harmonics from 3 upwards.

Power supply voltage230 V AC
Maximum AC-1 load current16 A
The executive elementrelay
Contact configuration1 × NO
Separation of the contactNO
Delay of operation1,5 ÷ 2 s
Power limitation200÷2000 VA
Power recovery time30 s
Power return hysteresis2%
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumption0,8 W
Working temperature-25 ÷ 50 °C
Dimensions51×67×26 mm (± 1 mm)
Assemblyon wall
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20