Video intercom monitor MK-10EX

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Video intercom monitor MK-10EX


Ability to set 3 modes of volume (depending on the time of day).

Works with all stations of the F&F gateway


Functions and features
* a hands-free monitor
* 7 "widescreen, touch screen 800 ├Ś 600
* OSD menu in Polish
* support for 2 gate stations and 2 CCTV cameras
* possibility of connecting motion sensors to cameras
* control of the electric strike and automatic gate
* smoothly adjustable bolt opening time 1 ├Ě 99 s
* photo / video function (4 GB micro SD card included)
* adjustable parameters of each camera separately (brightness, color, contrast)
* the ability to set up three volume modes (depending on the time of day)
* 11 ring melodies / a separate bell for each entry
* preview with the possibility of starting a conversation and opening a wicket
* intercom function
* touch control panel
* 4-wire installation
* possibility to expand by 3 additional monitors
* 14.5 V DC power supply
* power supply for DIN rail included
* material: brushed aluminum / glass / plastic
* dimensions: 226 ├Ś 151 ├Ś 23 mm

Power supply voltage14,5 V DC
dimensions226├Ś151├Ś23 mm