SWITCH & ENERGY 230 V Wi-Fi relay

SWITCH & ENERGY 230 V Wi-Fi relay

WI-R1S1-P, 5902431674186

Product description

Single relay with network parameters monitoring function

Fox - sterowanie Wi-Fi logo
SWITCH & ENERGY is installed in a box under the socket or switch. It allows you to turn on and monitor the connected electrical device - voltage, current, power, energy consumption. You can use it to run most home appliances. Installed under the light switch, it allows you to control a single lighting circuit. Works with classic and bell switches.

Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Control by means of an application for phones and tablets
Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Remote access via Wi-Fi and F&F cloud
Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Voice control
Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Programming using calendars
Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Works with classic switches


  • 1-channel 230 V relay with 10 A rated capacity and 16 A maximum capacity;
  • Ability to connect local control button and set its function;
  • Monitoring of network parameters: voltage, current, power (active and reactive), energy (active and reactive);
  • Controlling receivers with a mobile app and time programmers;
  • Built-in clock with power backup and backup copy of the work program guarantees proper operation also without a Wi-Fi connection;
  • REST API support enabling integration of the controller also with other home automation systems;
  • Built-in thermal protection;
  • Convenient installation in an installation box with a diameter of fi 60 mm.

The ability to operate at loads above the rated value depends on the temperature and operating conditions of the device. Prolonged operation at such high load may lead to tripping of the thermal protection and disconnection of the controlled circuits.

System sterowania przez Wi-Fi - moduł Switch&Energy

FOX - Wi-Fi control system

Easy to install and rich in possibilities, wireless home automation system.

To control devices, the FOX system uses a free mobile application, which is available for devices with iOS and Android systems.
The application allows you to manage the installed modules in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to the use of the home Wi-Fi network and the F&F cloud, you have the ability to constantly control devices at home from anywhere in the world with Internet access.
If you do not want to control your Fox system from outside your home, you can choose not to use the F&F cloud and still fully enjoy the functional control that works only over your local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network.

FOX - system sterowania Wi-Fi - aplikacja mobilna

Application for Android devices
Application for iOS devices

Plan activities of the FOX system using online calendars

Use calendars and plan the operation of the module for the time of the day or evening. It depends on you when and what functions will be performed. You can schedule the lighting to be turned on at a given time or to water the garden at different times according to the schedule you set.

Control your voice with the Google assistant

The voice control service is available in Polish. After a simple configuration, the control of individual devices may be performed by saying the phrase: “Ok Google. Open all blinds. ”,“ Turn on blue light in entertainment room ”, or when you leave the house:“ Ok Google. Turn off all devices. "

Aplikacja FOX - planowanie działań na podstawie kalendarzy

Power supply voltage85÷265 V AC
Control input85÷265 V AC
Control pulse currentless than 1 mA
Maksymalny prąd obciążenia (AC-1) - prąd znamionowy10 A
Maximum load current (AC-1)16 A
Humidity (non-condensing)≤ 90%
Radio frequency2,4 GHz
Radio power (IEEE 802.11n)≤ 13 dBm
Receiver sensitivity-98 dBm
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumptionczuwanie: 1,2 W; praca (włączony przekaźnik): 2 W
Working temperature0÷45°C
DimensionsØ54 (48×43 mm), height: 20 mm
Assemblyin a flush-mounted box Ø60
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20