3-phase energy consumption monitor wi-fi - ENERGY 3

3-phase energy consumption monitor wi-fi - ENERGY 3

Wi-MEF-3-200, 5902431675817

Product description

3-phase, 2-way, 4-quadrant electricity consumption monitor.
Perfect for monitoring photovoltaic installations, among other things

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ENERGY 3 allows you to record electricity consumption and monitor important network parameters - voltage, current, power, energy consumption. Access to the data is possible directly from the application or via a web browser.

Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Access to data using the application or via a web browser
Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Remote access via Wi-Fi and F&F Cloud
Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Monitoring of electrical network parameters


  • Monitoring of energy consumption in domestic installations;
  • Ongoing measurement of power consumption and values of currents and voltages;
  • Use of recorded measurements to detect exceedances in voltage levels or power consumption;
  • Controlling energy production in photovoltaic installations;
  • Metering of heat pumps.
Energy 3 - monitor parametrów sieci elektrycznej


  • 3-phase, 2-way, 4-quadrant electricity consumption monitor, perfect for monitoring photovoltaic installations, among other things;
  • Monitoring of all relevant electrical network parameters;
  • Recording of average, minimum and maximum values;
  • Non-invasive installation using miniature (40,5×34,5×65,5 mm) current transformers;
  • Measuring range up to 200 A, suitable for domestic installations;
  • High measurement accuracy;
  • Access to measurement history via app or web browser;
  • Communication via home Wi-Fi network and remote access via the F&F Polish cloud;
  • Free mobile apps for Android and iOS;
  • Fully Polish solution focused on security and user privacy;
  • No hidden running costs and guaranteed long-term product support;
  • Mounting in a distribution box (DIN rail);
  • Including 3 current transformers and an antenna.

Miniature, open-ended current transformers are supplied with the unit. No interference with the current leads is required to clip them onto the measured leads, but special attention must be paid to the way the lead is passed through the transformer and to the connection of the secondary side of the transformer to the device.

Przekładnik do Energy 3
Miniature current transformer to be fastened on the measured conductors.

Energy 3 - ekrany z pomiarem

Aplikacja FOX - pomiary
Aplikacja FOX - pomiary

Aplikacja FOX - pomiary
Aplikacja FOX - pomiary

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Application for Android devices
App for iOS devices

Links and interfaces
Password resethttps://fhome.cloud/#/public/users/password-reset

Power supply voltage3× 230/400 V AC (-25%÷15%)
Frequency50÷60 Hz
Installation3-phase, 4-wire
Accuracy - meter1%
Accuracy - measuring transformers0,5%
Transformer parameters - primary current200 A
Transformer parameters - secondary current30 mA
Transformer parameters - cable diameter≤24 mm
Meter constant1000 imp/kWh
Humidity (non-condensing)≤ 90%
Radio frequency2,4 GHz
Radio power (IEEE 802.11n)≤ 20 dBm
Receiver sensitivity-98 dBm
Terminal2.5 mm² screw terminals (cord); 4.0 mm² screw terminals (wire)
Tightening torque0,5 Nm
Power consumption≤ 2 W
Working temperature-20÷50°C
Dimensions2 moduły (35 mm) - 90 x 35 x 85 mm z anteną
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20