Lighting dimmer SCO-801

Lighting dimmer SCO-801

SCO-801, 5908312591122

Product description

The dimmer is used for switching on and off incandescent and halogen lamps and offers the option of light intensity adjustment by means of any impulse switch (buzzer). Suitable for incandescent and halogen lamps (including those powered with electronic or transformer-based feeders adapted to dimmers).
300 W. To under plaster box Ø60.


The lights on is follows the current pulse triggered by pressing the momentary switch (door bell) connected to the dimmer. Turn off lighting will take a place after the next pulse. Lighting can be controlled by switch buttons connected pararelly and placed in different places of the room. Holding down the button longer than 1 second. allows you to set the desired light level in one direction from the current setting to the maximum or minimum.
The direction of change (brightening or dimming) is forced by the dimmer and change forever for the opposite after each setting.
The SOFT START function - holding the button longer than 1 second. when switching on the lighting causes the "smooth" adjustment  from "zero" to the maximum. (DARKER -> BRIGHTER).
The dimmer has thermal protection. In the event of overheating the dimmer indicates a 3-fold wink controlled lamp and then turns off. Once the temperature drops below a critical dimmer can be re-attached.

SCO-801 can be used with illuminated buttons.    

SCO can be used for halogen lamps, also powered by the power supply or electronic transformer designed to work with dimmers.
With some electronic control dimmers can work incorrectly (eg. Flickering light). For some types of halogen lamps should be connected with a total capacity min. 50% of the nominal power adapter.
Before final installation is recommended tests.

Power supply voltage230 V AC
Maximum AC-1 load current1,3 A
The executive elementtriac
State memoryNO
Status memory after power failureNO
Maximum power of connected bulbs300 W
Applicationincandescent and halogen lighting, toroidal transformers
Control the loadswitching on at 0 (for resistive and capacitive loads)
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumption0,1 W
Working temperature-25 ÷ 50 °C
DimensionsØ54 (48×43 mm), height: 20 mm
Assemblyin a flush-mounted box Ø60
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20